Previous Courses

The Wellbeing College has delivered a variety of courses, listed below. We aim to respond to student demand so please contact us by telephone or email to register your interest in any of the courses below if they are not on the current course menu.

Come and Try the Ukulele

Single session course providing students with an opportunity to play the ukulele.

Creative Music Workshops

Four week course exploring musical skills and creativity.
Absolute beginners with no background in music more than welcome.

Creative Writing for Wellbeing

Four week course using pictures and words to inspire writing.  Try out various styles of writing including journaling, mindful and fictional writing. 

Do Something Dramatic

Three hour workshop offering practical confidence building through fun drama techniques.

Exploring Confidence and Self-Esteem

Four week course focusing on the importance of good self-care, valuing oneself and steps we can take to feel more confident.

Introduction to Yoga for Wellbeing

All abilities welcome to try this gentle exercise class.

Living with Psychosis

One day course developing an understanding of psychosis and a range of interventions and treatments.

Mindfulness and You

Nine week course exploring the concept of mindfulness and space to practice mindfulness in a group setting.

Peer Support

Six week course providing a theoretical background for peer support work.

Read your Way to Wellbeing

Four week course welcoming everyone, from avid readers to students who are curious about how reading might be able to support their recovery.

Recognising and Responding to Stress

Six week course exploring why people experience stress and providing discussion and space to plan how we can respond to and ultimately reduce stress.

Recognising and Understanding Loss

Two session course providing an understanding of theories of grief, different types of loss and exploring the possibility of post-loss growth.

Understanding Trauma

Two session course providing an understanding of the impact of trauma and sharing information about services that might be able to help.

Walking Naturally

Single session where students take part in a guided walk and explore the benefits to mental wellbeing of gentle exercise and appreciating nature.

What is Recovery?

Single session course exploring the concept of recovery and providing a space to consider what recovery means for you.

Write to Recovery

Nine week course inviting you to write about your stories and experiences to help with your recovery.