Our current courses

We offer a variety of courses, ranging from half-day sessions to learning experiences of two hours spread over eight weeks. From information sessions that enhance knowledge to opportunities to share and reflect on personal experiences of mental health, we hope we have a course to interest or inspire you.
  • 4 August 2021

    Exploring colour through craft

    Exploring Colour Through Craft is one session that takes place on Wednesday 4 August at 2pm-4pm

    A course to explore how colour can affect our mood, feelings and emotions and also exploring colour with a focus on nature and the seasons of change. 

    During the course we will use flowers and other natural materials to make a selection of colourful craft items.

    We hope to deliver this course in person but we will confirm this with you nearer the time.

    Delivered By Gillian Torrance and Kirsty Bremner

    • Tbc


    • Gillian Torrance & Kirsty Bremner

    • 2pm - 4pm

  • 5 August 2021

    Let's Talk About Resilience

    Let’s talk about resilience considers simple strategies that promote resilience and provides an opportunity for students to reflect on their own existing resilience.

    The course is one session and it lasts 2 hours from 2pm - 4pm on Thursday 5 August.

    This introductory course aims to share knowledge and resources that help students learn to improve resilience and be able to face general uncertainty and adapt to the new normal.

    By the end of the course students will
    • understand what resilience is and what helps improve it
    • learn 3 key mindsets that improve and develop their resilience
    • gain an appreciation of their own, existing resilience and how they have come through up until this point

    There is some pre-course study which we suggest for this course. Before you attend, we invite you to watch this short video “The three secrets of resilient people” by Dr Lucy Hone, contained in the article you will find here: https://ideas.ted.com/sorrow-and-tragedy-will-happen-to-us-all-here-are-3-strategies-to-help-you-cope/

    If you prefer to read the article on its own, that’s fine too. We invite you to take time to reflect on the 3 keys to resilience she mentions, before joining us online for a Zoom discussion around these ideas. The Zoom link will be emailed the week before to all students successfully registered.

    • Online


    • Kirsty Bremner and Annette Murray

    • 2pm - 4 pm

  • 11 August 2021

    What is Mental Health Recovery?

    The course is 2 hours long and takes place on Wednesday 11 August at 10.30am - 12.30pm. 

    This course offers the opportunity to reflect on key themes that support mental health recovery and how they apply in your life.  You will be introduced to the key recovery principles of Connection, Hope, Identity, Meaning and Empowerment (CHIME) and invited to consider these concepts from your own perspective..

    By the end of the course we hope you will better understand what mental health recovery means to you and that it is possible, on your own terms.

    Delivered by: Jo Highet and Kirsty Bremner

    The zoom link and passcode will be sent to you a week before the course begins. 

    • Online


    • Jo Highet and Kirsty Bremner

    • 10.30am - 12.30pm