27 October 2020

Recognising and Responding to Stress

  • Online


  • Johanna Stock & Jo Highet

  • 6.15 - 8pm

Recognising and responding to stress - do you feel flat, tense and anxious?  Do you find yourself overwhelmed by the smallest task? If yes, this course could be for you.

The course is six sessions for 1 hour and ¾ on Tuesday evenings from 6.15 – 8pm from 27 October until 1 December 2020.

Have you noticed your sleep being affected by worry?  Have you been thinking that you can’t cope?  If this sounds like your experience, then learning how to recognize and respond to stress could be of benefit.

This course will provide a space for you to explore and understand your experience and offer exercises and activities designed to help you discover new ways of responding to and ultimately reducing feelings of stress.

You will gain insight into why people experience stress and the impact stress can have on day-to-day life.

The facilitators are Johanna Stock and Jo Highet:

These sessions are online using Zoom.