22 June 2020

Crafting - Apartment Blocks Project

  • At Home

  • Lara Armitage and Annette Murray

Lara Armitage, of At Birkhill House crafting centre, offers home crafting kits to make apartment buildings - inspired by the stories coming out of Italy at the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic when people sang to each other from their balconies.

"My kids and I were so moved by these stories that we decided to make some apartment buildings of our own. We enjoyed the process so much that we then put together some packs for others who might enjoy making apartment buildings too."

Putting to use some of the rolls of wallpaper she has saved in her stashes over the years, Lara and her kids used a window shape to trace and cut out fabric and paper backgrounds and create wallpapers and curtains as backdrops for singers and musicians and other residents of their buildings.

What will you put on your apartment building?

You could draw people singing, dancing or waving to a friend. Or create a bookcase, a display of plants or other interesting things going on in the windows.This craft is for children and adults alike and provides a lovely little getaway from the hum drum sameness of our time spent at home just now. Make it as vibrant and diverse as possible! Maybe we could even get them all together when we are able to meet in person again and create a whole city of apartment buildings that we made together... when we were apart.

If you would like to try this activity at home, you can do so now! Simply use any materials you have at home and get creating.

Check out Lara's How To Video for some inspiration! 

If you don't have any materials at home, let us know by registering your interest below and we can order one of Lara's crafting kits to be delivered to your door so that you can join in. 

Make sure we have an up to date address for you and we’ll post your crafting kit straight to your door. (Please note that numbers of kits are limited and will be sent on a first come, first served basis). 

Don’t forget to send us an image of your finished apartment which you can share on our social media or via email.