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We offer a variety of courses, ranging from half-day sessions to learning experiences of two hours spread over eight weeks. From information sessions that enhance knowledge to opportunities to share and reflect on personal experiences of mental health, we hope we have a course to interest or inspire you.
  • 2 March 2021

    Recognising and Understanding Loss

    This course seeks to help students understand different types of loss.  We will look at  theories of grief and explore the possibility of post-loss growth.

    The course is delivered  over three sessions from 10am - 12 noon on Tuesday 2 March until Tuesday 16 March.  Students are encouraged to attend all sessions to complete the course.

    Loss is a universal theme in human life.  It can be incredibly painful and challenging for individuals, families and communities.

    Please note, although this course is open to students who  have experienced loss, the course does not offer direct support to someone living with  loss and is not a  therapeutic intervention.  The course provides a theoretical overview of  loss and is designed to be  educational.

    The facilitators are Isla MacLeod and Annette Murray

    The course will be delivered Online via Zoom. Please note the Zoom link details will be sent to you during the week before the course.

    • Online


    • Isla MacLeod and Annette Murray

    • 10am - 12 noon

  • 2 March 2021

    Recognising and Responding to Stress

    Recognising and responding to stress - do you feel flat, tense and anxious?  Do you find yourself overwhelmed by the smallest task? If yes, this course could be for you.

    The course is six sessions for 1 hour and ¾ on Tuesday evenings from 6.15 – 8pm from 2 March until 6 April 2021.

    Have you noticed your sleep being affected by worry?  Have you been thinking that you can’t cope?  If this sounds like your experience, then learning how to recognize and respond to stress could be of benefit.

    This course will provide a space for you to explore and understand your experience and offer exercises and activities designed to help you discover new ways of responding to and ultimately reducing feelings of stress.

    You will gain insight into why people experience stress and the impact stress can have on day-to-day life.

    The facilitators are Johanna Stock and Jo Highet:

    These sessions are online using Zoom. The Zoom link will be sent to you a week before the course begins.

    • Online


    • Johanna Stock & Jo Highet

    • 6.15pm - 8pm

  • 11 March 2021

    Let's Talk About Social Anxiety

    Let’s talk about social anxiety will provide an improved understanding of social anxiety and what causes it – generally and specifically. 

    This course is four sessions of two hours from 10am -12 noon on Thursday 11 March until Thursday 1 April.     

    In the current COVID-19 climate people are mostly feeling a lack of control.  We are all adjusting to a new way of being sociable, but it is apparent that the number of people experiencing social anxiety is on the increase.

    Social anxiety can feel different for everyone and the symptoms can vary in severity. If your anxiety is less severe it may only occur occasionally, but if your anxiety is severe, even thinking about the situation can trigger symptoms of nerves and panic.

    This course also looks at the various factors that contribute to social anxiety and different ways to cope with it in the short and longer term. 

    The facilitators are Kirsty Bremner and Jo Highet.

    This course will be delivered online using Zoom.  Please note Zoom link details will be sent to you during the week before the course.

    You will need a pen and paper to take notes and participate in the exercises throughout.

    • Online


    • Kirsty Bremner & Jo Highet

    • 10am - 12 noon

  • 30 March 2021

    Let's Talk About Resilience

    Let’s talk about resilience considers simple strategies that promote resilience and provides an opportunity for students to reflect on their own existing resilience.

    The course is one session and it lasts 1.5 hours from 10.30 - 12 noon on Tuesday 30 March.

    The course aims to share knowledge and resources that help students learn to improve resilience and be able to face general uncertainty and adapt to the new normal.

    By the end of the course students will
    • understand what resilience is and what helps improve it
    • learn 3 key mindsets that improve and develop their resilience
    • gain an appreciation of their own, existing resilience and how they have come through up until this point

    There is some pre-course study which we suggest for this course. Before you attend, we invite you to watch this short video “The three secrets of resilient people” by Dr Lucy Hone, contained in the article you will find here:

    If you prefer to read the article on its own, that’s fine too. We invite you to take time to reflect on the 3 keys to resilience she mentions, before joining us online for a Zoom discussion around these ideas. The Zoom link will be emailed the week before to all students successfully registered.

    • Online


    • Annette Murray and Jo Highet

    • 10:30am - 12 noon