Bitesize videos

Below you will find a selection of videos that you can watch in your own time.

Each video explores a different topic and considers ways of looking after your mental health and wellbeing.

Each video has been created and developed by The Wellbeing College and is funded by the Scottish Borders’ Joint Health Improvement Team programme ‘United To Prevent Suicide’.

How Breathing Can Help

In this video we explore how breathing exercises are a good way to reduce feelings of stress as they send a message to your brain to calm down and relax. Join Hayley, as she talks through when breathing exercises might be helpful, the autonomic nervous system and how this works, followed by a series of breathing exercises for you to try and follow along to at home. We have also included some Apps you might find helpful along with some other useful resources.

If you would like to skip directly to the breathing exercises the time stamps for these are listed below.

Breathing exercise 1 – Diaphragmatic Breathing (belly breathing) - 06.57
Breathing exercise 2 – Square Breathing - 11.30
Breathing exercise 3 – Hand breathing - 16.09
Breathing exercise 4 – Extended out breath - 19.10

The resources listed in the video can be accessed using the links below. 

NHS Borders, Panic Information Booklet -

Headspace, Breathing Exercises -

Mind, Relaxation Tips –

Understanding sleep and some ways to improve it

In this video we explore why sleep matters to us and some small steps you can take to improve the sleep you get.

Join Kirsty as she talks through, what sleep is and why we do it, the things that can affect our sleep, followed by a series of myths and truths about sleep. We have also included a series of tips that might help you to improve your sleep.

If you would like to skip directly to the section where we explore ways of improving sleep you can start the video at: 16:52

The resources listed in the video can be accessed by clicking on the links below:

Sleep Station -

The Sleep Council -

The Sleep Charity -

The Sleep Foundation -

NHS Borders – Tips for Better Sleep