What our students say

Read below, the comments from some of our past and present students about their time within the Wellbeing College.


‘The Wellbeing College has been a wonderful stepping stone for me. I couldn’t talk before in groups. It gave me the confidence to do that without any pressure in a wonderful supportive environment…’


Creative writing for wellbeing

"Tutors were friendly and welcoming.  The session was interesting and informative with plenty opportunity to write and share what you'd written, good balance of explanation & opportunity to write.  Really enjoyed it."

"I liked that we were free to write without pressure and not made to share if we didn’t want to."

"I enjoyed it so much that the only thing that would have made it better would have been if it were  a longer course."

Recognising and responding to stress

"Great informative course, looking forward to applying the tips and advice into my life.  The advice on how stress makes us less good at making decisions has really resonated with me."

Walk naturally

"Just getting out of the house and meeting new people - and being told some history of surroundings"

Understanding and recognising loss

"There was a wealth of information to consider and absorb, and many ideas to act as starting points for further exploration. I enjoyed the time for questions and discussion and the opportunity to hear other people's viewpoints. I learned a lot."

Mindfulness and you

"By doing the practices I have been able to reduce my blood pressure over the course.  Will still work on lowering my Anxiety."

"The facilitator/ tutor was practical and was not in a hurry.  Opportunities to practice the exercises were talked about during the sessions and to give feedback of our experiences of them."

Let's talk about social anxiety

"Small group that, with the encouragement of the trainers, were willing to share and discuss there own thoughts and experiences on the subject. It took place over several weeks which helped reflecting on the content."

Crafting with Lara Armitage 

"I really enjoyed the comfortable, relaxed atmosphere. There was no pressure to talk or share anything but plenty of support if you did."


These comments have been shared with the permission of the students who shared them with us.