Our Tutors

At the Wellbeing College, Personal Tutors are available to guide students through their learning experience.

We have a comfortable, private room in our base at the Hive where you can enjoy a relaxed one-to-one meeting with a Tutor.  This meeting will include the opportunity to develop your own Personal Learning Plan if you wish.  This short, focused plan prompts discussion around your needs and hopes for the future, linking these with what is available at the college that can help.

You can book an appointment with a Personal Tutor and explore how you can get the most from your experience at the college. Email using the button below or call 01896 807000.

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  • Annette Murray

    Joining the College as a Personal Tutor is a change of career direction for me, after a number of years working mostly outdoors in wildlife conservation. Not surprisingly, spending time in nature is still one of my favourite things to do, especially when I need to relax, clear my head and gain a renewed perspective.

    My personal challenges with mental health,  particularly stress, led me to study Dru yoga. From this I gained a deeper understanding of what positive health and wellbeing means for me. I continue to be interested in the therapeutic benefits of yoga and meditation and wish to support others towards greater self-compassion, self-care and self-belief.

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  • Jo Highet

    I am delighted to be back working for Health in Mind and in particular the Wellbeing College.
    I have found learning invaluable in my own personal growth,  which has ranged from formal learning to more recently learning about helpful ways to train my rescue dog.
    I am excited to have the opportunity to work alongside students, volunteers and staff of the college to inspire each other and learn together.

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