Our Approach

Creating a safe and comfortable environment for our students, our volunteers and our staff is at the heart of what we do.

The College supports Students, Volunteers and Staff with the opportunity to explore self-care and realise their potential through our education-based model, via Courses and Personal Tutor Appointments.

This page sets out The Wellbeing College’s approach throughout our work. We ask that you join us in this approach and help us to create this environment together.


We Believe In:

  • Working with communities throughout the Scottish Borders

  • Positive outlook and hopeful communication

  • Collaborating and co-producing

  • Creativity

  • Being reflective

  • Lifelong learning and development

  • Creating an environment which encourages wellbeing


As a Student, Volunteer and Staff Member at the Wellbeing College we agree that we will:

  • Treat everyone with compassion and respect

  • Respect the rights, life choices, beliefs and opinions of others (do not discriminate against others with regard to race, gender, sexuality or other characteristics)

  • Be mindful of how we share difficult or triggering thoughts and feelings that we are experiencing and remember that other people in the room may have similar struggles. We will do our best to keep ourselves and others safe

  • Only attend courses and appointments when we are free from the influence of alcohol or drugs, unless prescribed

  • Respect others by arriving on time for courses and appointments and letting the College know if we will be late or cannot attend

  • Take an active part in our own learning and use the resources made available to us


If you have any questions about this approach, please do not hesitate to ask a member of the Team. Thank you for your co-operation and for helping to make the Wellbeing College a safe and comfortable space for all.